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  • Your Guide To Different Piling Techniques

    22 April 2022

    Do you have an upcoming construction project? It would be best to carefully consider the foundation because it will determine your building's structural integrity. For instance, piling is one of the most popular foundation drilling techniques worth considering. It entails drilling concrete, timber or steel piles, which are typically long poles, into the foundation. These piles transfer the building's load to strong strata deep underground, ideal for weak soils or areas with high groundwater tables.

  • How Long Does Land Surveying Take?

    25 February 2022

    If you're about to purchase a property, you might be thinking about having a land survey done first. The same might be true if you're selling a property or if you are about to start a big construction or renovation project on the property. No matter why you might be having a land survey done, you might be short on time, and you might be hoping that you can have the survey done promptly.